Concert Review from AllAboutJazz

 “The last band of the night was Sommerfuglfisk, literally ‘summerbirdfish,’ a trio of classical rock line-up of guitar, bass guitar and drums. Unknown to the international guests, they turned out to be a real, unexpected surprise. Sounding more like an updated version of Edi Brickell’s New Bohemians, they did not fit into any of the commonly known Nordic soundworlds. In their combination of solid body and airy light-heartedness they convincingly slid through African, Caribbean, rock and blues territories. The obvious self consciousness, sense of humor, looseness and virtuosity of the threesome of guitarist/vocalist Nina Kristine Linge, electric bassist Dan Peter Sundland and drummer Hans Hulbækmo enchanted the audience—apparently leading to a couple of spontaneous bookings directly after the show”. Concert Review from AllAboutJazz. October 7, 2013.


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