Best Erntedankfest Vorher

Fokus Männer: Thanksgiving wird hier sein, der viertägige Kurzurlaub in welchem Individuen Zeug ihre einzigartigen konfrontiert dumm. wann Montag unerwartet wird schwarz farbig, entdecken erstaunlich Angebote während des Geschäfte. Wissen Sie was passiert dann? Damen kaufen verrückt! Hier sind ein paar epische Öffner die dir helfen befriedigen Damen von jetzt bis zum Cyber-Montag: 1. Poor […]

Music to lyrics by Inger Hagerup; a seriously playful family album!

Seriously playful and playfully serious, Nina and the Butterfly Fish have done a metamorphosis into a Norwegian-language trio playing to kids’ sensibilities: Nina & Sommerfuglfiskene. Crafting songs as if from Lego bricks with the instructions thrown away; brightly-coloured, surprisingly shaped, adventurous and fragile – but locking together perfectly at every turn. It’s complex and surprising […]

Nutshell 2015 review (AllAboutJazz)

«Nina and the Butterfly Fish’s idiom of kaleidoscopic colors, beautifully distilled, spoke directly to feet and heart and won converts from the first to the last infectious notes of an engaging set.» (AllAboutJazz)   Nina and the Butterfly Fish @ Nutshell 2015 It was a short drive from the Kabuso to the Hardanger Fartoyvernsenter (wooden boat preservation […]

Album Review from Dagsavisen

“The fabulous trio Nina & The Butterfly Fish is named after the main character Nina Linge, an avid composer, guitarist and singer with a reckless frenzy energy and expression which is an experience both to see and hear. Instead of spending time categorizing the songs, rather enjoy the incredible diversity, time signature changes and arrangements through a strong material  … […]

Review from Jazz Special Online

“The big surprise of this listener, however, was the group Butterfly Fish with Nina Kristine Linge’s red hair and guitar in front. There were both inspirations from African high-life, rumba, Norwegian folk music and other treats. Super charming, unpretentious, and musicians with solid skills. Also Dan Peter Sundland, who sang along with his bass solo, […]

Concert Review from AllAboutJazz

 “The last band of the night was Sommerfuglfisk, literally ‘summerbirdfish,’ a trio of classical rock line-up of guitar, bass guitar and drums. Unknown to the international guests, they turned out to be a real, unexpected surprise. Sounding more like an updated version of Edi Brickell’s New Bohemians, they did not fit into any of the commonly […]